shannon pendleton bio

Shannon Pendleton, Hospital Manager

My name is Shannon Pendleton and I am the Hospital Manager.  I have been with Dogwood Veterinary Hospital for over 12 years.  Dogwood has helped shape the person I am proud to be today; helping me develop my own core values and defining my “why”.  I have experienced full support of all my endeavors, past and current, and I could not be more thrilled for the continued success of this hospital!  I am passionate about helping develop other future leaders and watching them grow and succeed.  Along with 30 years in the veterinary industry, I am also a graduate of UCWV School of Business and Leadership, Frontline Leadership Program, and am a Registered Veterinary Technician.  I own a small farm and enjoy spending time outside in the garden, with my animals, or finding any excuse to go to the beach.  I have two horses, a donkey, chickens, guineas, one dog affectionately named “Goat” and one savage cat named “Barney the Barn Cat” who patrols the property taking care of any trespassers.