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Spay and Neuter Services at Dogwood Veterinary Hospital & Laser Center in Newnan, GA

Spaying and neutering your pet provides wonderful health benefits and we recommend every dog and cat not being shown or bred be spayed or neutered. Spaying your female pet will prevent a dangerous, painful and expensive emergency called pyometra – an infection of the uterus. It will also eliminate the possibility of uterine cancer and unwanted pregnancy, and greatly reduce the chance of mammary cancer as your pet ages. Neutering your male pet will eliminate the chance of testicular cancer, and greatly reduce the probability of prostate cancer in older pets. The main demographic for dogs that are hit by cars are intact male dogs. Spaying and neutering the adolescent animal (5 – 7 months of age) may significantly reduce unwanted behaviors such as roaming, marking, and aggression.

The Procedure of Spaying and Neutering by Our Veterinarians

At Dogwood Veterinary Hospital, our veterinarians strive to meet the highest quality in safety and comfort. This includes pre-anesthetic lab work to identify any metabolic abnormalities before your pet undergoes anesthesia. Pre-medications are given to keep your pet relaxed and reduce the amount of anesthesia necessary. Your pet is prepared for surgery using aseptic technique, and all of our doctors adhere to sterile protocols while in surgery. A technician monitors your pet’s vital signs while they are anesthetized. We provide pain management before, during, and after the surgery. While your pet is staying with us in the hospital, a technician is dedicated to your pet’s recovery.

For giant dogs and deep chested dog breeds who are at risk for a life-threatening emergency called bloat, or gastric dilatation volvulus, the spay or neuter is an excellent time to perform a preventative procedure called gastropexy – tacking the stomach to the wall of the abdomen. This prevents the stomach from rotating and causing bloat. Talk with your doctor about this procedure to determine if it’s right for your pet.

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