Mentorship Testimonials

Beginning in 1984, I was a client of the large animal clinic that morphed into the small animal clinic, Dogwood Vet.  It made sense that I come along for the new ride. 

When Dr Johnson arrived at Dogwood Vet Hospital in 1995, she had no idea she would be inheriting ME as one of the clinic’s longest standing clients !  

The moment I met Dr Johnson, I absolutely adored her.  Her energy, her laughter, her honesty, and her knowledge.  

AND to top it off, she turned out to be a really fine veterinarian!  

She became my vet of choice for all my dogs and cats.  We also became steadfast horse friends who enjoyed many horse education trips together.  

Over the last 20+ years,  Dr Johnson has brought about many positive significant changes to Dogwood Vet Hospital and Laser Center.  

She persued and hired veterinarians to match the existing clientele and vet specialists to serve new clients.  

Dr Johnson’s integrity motivates and inspires her entire team through authentic and honest leadership abilities she has learned through personal development and self growth through the years.

She is the first one to admit she’s made a mistake and the first one to navigate that course correction!!

I feel blessed to be not only a valued client of Dogwood Veterinary Hospital and Laser Center, but also one of Dr Johnson’s oldest and dearest friends!

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Karen Jones

This letter is to express my thoughts and impressions of Dr. Pamela Johnson. I am currently an equine veterinarian from Spain and working in North Georgia. I previously completed four equine internships in the US focusing on equine surgery and sports medicine. I first contacted Dr. Pamela Johnson in 2018 regarding a veterinary technician position at Dogwood Veterinary Hospital. At the time, I was a non-licensed veterinarian in the US and going through the ECFVG program to convert my European veterinary license into the American standards. Throughout the interview process, Dr. Johnson demonstrated her passion for veterinary medicine and her practice´s core values: Excellence, Commitment and Compassion. Her integrity and professionalism convinced me to join the practice and she soon became my mentor and role model in life. 

Dr. Johnson is an innate leader and she would bring the team together so we could perform at the highest standards. She focused on building relationships with her employees and provided personalized mentoring according to each individual´s needs. Personally, Dr. Johnson selflessly helped me to develop my small animal skills and to prepare for the ECFVG practical exam, even during after-hours and even though she knew my passion was ultimately equine veterinary medicine. Throughout my internships and current job, I have worked under numerous mentors and, I can confidently say that Dr. Johnson has demonstrated some of the best leaderships skills I have ever witnessed and that she deeply cares about her associates and employees.  

Dr. Johnson´s interactions with clients and patients are also outstanding. She is a caring and compassionate veterinarian and she thoroughly communicated every detail to pet owners to ensure optimal patient care. She performed excellent and complete small animal evaluations and she thrived to always continue to improve her knowledge and her skills to provide the best treatments. Over the years, she built strong veterinary-client relationships and clients were loyal and trusted her decisions.  

After leaving Dogwood Veterinary Hospital in April 2019 to complete the ECFVG, Dr. Johnson has continued to mentor and counsel me and has provided her expertise during my contract negotiations with my current job. She also periodically contacts my husband and I asking how we are doing, which continues to show the strong relationships and deep care that she has for her employees. During COVID, my husband, who is a pilot, stopped flying and had an unstable job and Dr. Johnson often contacted us to ensure we were holding up during those difficult times. Furthermore, we contracted COVID in November 2020 and Dr. Johnson was the only person that would contact us daily to check on how we were recovering, again showing her selfless nature.  

Overall, I can confidently say that Dr. Johnson is one of the most amazing people I have ever met and I will always respect and admire her. She is my role model. Her professionalism, leadership and compassion are vital core values for the veterinary industry.

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Dr. Laia Codina, DVM

I would like to take this opportunity to discuss Dr. Pamela Johnson, DVM. I first became acquainted with her three years ago when my wife accepted a position with her veterinary practice.  I observed her many times in her professional setting during my visits to the clinic, and soon became a friend.  As an airline pilot, I have exacting standards of those around me, and I can confidently say that Dr. Johnson exceeds them. She is an admirable leader, consistently demonstrating honesty, respect, and passion. 

From the first time that I witnessed Dr. Johnson in the workplace, I was impressed by her innate ability to lead those around her.  She built relationships with her employees, focusing on their needs and mentoring them.  She offered my wife a one-year position to help her learn skills needed to convert her veterinary license to the US standards.  While she knew that my wife was ultimately seeking a career in equine veterinary medicine, Dr. Johnson still taught as much as possible about veterinary medicine, while also demonstrating characteristics of an exemplary leader. Dr. Johnson frequently met with my wife to coach, counsel, and prepare for the exam and interviews.  She promised she would teach to her best ability, and she maintained that promise.  

A true leader must respect those around him or her.  By taking time out of her busy life to coach and mentor her colleagues, Dr. Johnson demonstrated respect at a professional level.  I had the privilege of becoming friends with Dr. Johnson and engaging with her frequently outside of work.  She always asks about my profession and our happiness, especially as my industry has been turned upside down by COVID.  When I unfortunately contracted COVID, she reached out daily to see if she could help, and she lives 80 miles away. We should all strive to be as selfless as she is. 

Passion: this is the most important and yet least common trait among professional leaders. By mentoring, organizing charity events, and being invested in the wellbeing of every individual around her, she not only demonstrates passion but also cultivates it in others.

I have witnessed Dr. Johnson lead with everything expected of a consummate professional.  She tells the truth, values everyone around her, and still has passion for veterinary medicine.  As a fellow professional, it brings me great joy to see her excel.  As a friend, I am proud to know her. 

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Robert B Doolin

This letter serves as a testament of my time with Dr. Pamela Johnson. I am currently a small animal veterinarian who works at a 10 doctor practice in Atlanta Georgia. Previous to all of that I graduated veterinary school in 2014 unable to pass my veterinary board exam. I had attempted in the winter of 2013 and then again in early spring of 2014, failing both times. It was a complete blow to my ego, and was a tough time in my life. While studying for boards I knew that I needed to apply for jobs and explain my unique situation. Many different animal hospitals preferred to not hire me and regretted informing me that they were unable to given the fact that I was not licensed. Then, in July of 2014 I was able to set up a phone interview with Dr. Johnson and the team there at Dogwood Veterinary Hospital. She provided an opportunity to work in their clinic, which was the first step in what became the path to passing my boards and becoming a licensed veterinarian.

One of the things I will always cherish about my experience with Dr. Johnson is that she always treated me with respect and compassion. She was always willing to listen, to help, and to spend the time with me to make sure I was making strides towards my overall goal. To me, Dr. Johnson and their team there at Dogwood Veterinary Hospital were like family to me. They opened their doors to allow me to be nurtured and gave me a safe space to thrive, grow, and provided tools to be a great veterinarian. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for Dr. Johnson. Every morning, we would gather together as a team and discuss the future appointment schedule, round about cases, and preach the clinic’s mission statement: excellence, commitment, compassion. These three words hold so much weight because of the meaning behind each of them. Every day I was able to be around Dr. Johnson and her great staff showed that they always strived to embody those three words.

Her thoroughness and dedication to her patients really shined on a daily basis. It was a great experience to learn from her not only from a veterinary aspect, but also in the subject of business. Preparing me for many aspects in the field of veterinary medicine like dentistry, internal medicine, cardiology, parasitology, leadership, and finance just to name a few. I always felt so appreciative to have such a strong mentor in my life on a daily basis, who was there constantly in and out of the daily work schedule. Dr. Johnson always had a way with clients and they truly love coming to see her, because they know she will put forth the time and effort to not only listen to their problems but also provide exceptional medical care to their pets. It is rare to meet a person that not only cares about her patients, but puts forth tremendous effort to care for her team members, treat them as equals and with a level of respect that remains unmatched.

Another thing that I really admire about Dr. Johnson was how much she made you feel like one of them. I was invited to countless dinners, CE opportunities, clinic festivals, christmas and halloween parties, and work events. I honestly felt as though I got to work with members of my own family, spending quality time with them growing in and out of the practice further strengthening how the team chemistry was while at work. I will always cherish the good times I had with all of them, and know how hard Dr. Johnson worked to provide a stable, loving, compassionate practice that not only provided excellent medicine and care but one that enriched it’s community.

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Dr. Nathan Harpe

In August of 2020, I began researching veterinary clinics in the Troup/Coweta County area with the purpose of finding a place to work that would allow me to grow, learn, and experience as much as I could as I began applications for veterinary school. I ended up finding Dogwood, and applying to work there is one of the best decisions I have made.

In the year I worked at Dogwood, I was welcomed as a family member, mentored by some of the best veterinarians I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, and exposed to countless medical cases that gave me context for the veterinarian’s role, developed my communication skills, and facilitated personal growth in such a rewarding, yet emotionally difficult, profession.

Dogwood is not just an employer. No matter who you are – a customer service representative, veterinary technician, veterinarian, etc – you are valued and your aspirations are recognized. Dogwood places a heavy emphasis on not only building up the hospital as a whole – but also building up its employees in their own personal endeavors.

For me, this meant that the doctors at Dogwood were with me every step of the way as I applied to veterinary school. Dr. Johnson was a huge support for me during this stressful process, offering advice and a listening ear at any time. She made an effort to show me interesting cases and explain each and every detail. If there was an illness or condition I didn’t know much about, all I had to do was ask Dr. Johnson and she would explain the ins and outs of the symptoms, progression, and treatment. Dr. Johnson gave me opportunities to hone my communication skills, which made me so much more comfortable conversing with clients. She also introduced me to veterinarians that graduated from the veterinary school I am currently attending, thus providing me with valuable contacts and connections. Dr. Johnson has been (and still is) such a supportive person in my life, always taking the time to check in, see how I’m doing, and give advice.

Dr. Horsley was also a wonderful mentor during my time at Dogwood. She was always open to answering my questions, letting me observe surgeries, or talking with me about my future and goals in veterinary medicine. She provided valuable insight on how to specialize/learn about orthopedic surgery, which is something I am interested in pursuing further in my career. Dr. Horsley also taught me so much about how to explain complicated concepts to clients and provide them with the resources they need to make tough decisions. Dr. Johnson and Dr. Horsley exemplify the type of veterinarian I want to be – knowledgeable, compassionate, and wholly dedicated.

Dogwood is unique in its goal of mentoring those in the veterinary profession. During my time there, I met so many people shadowing, gaining clinical hours for veterinary technician degrees, completing externships for veterinary school, and more. The investment Dogwood puts into its employees cannot be matched, and I am incredibly grateful for my time there!

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Lilly DeGennaro

I shadowed Dr. Johnson from the summer of 2018 until I stated working for her in the summer of 2020. I worked for Dr. Johnson at Dogwood for one year and then left to attend veterinary school. Dr. Johnson is one of the most positive, outgoing, and thoughtful individuals I have met.

As an undergraduate shadow, I struggled with finding a clinic and veterinarian that made me feel welcome; however, that immediately changed once I was put into contact with Dr. Johnson. Before even meeting me, she got my personal phone number and called to welcome me to Dogwood. While shadowing, she continually advocated for me to have as many learning opportunities as possible. She would ask me questions, include me on interesting cases, and have me sit in on surgeries. I always felt included, welcomed, and wanted at Dogwood because of Dr. Johnson.

When I was working as a veterinary assistant, Dr. Johnson still pushed me to learn and grow in my new position. She quizzed me on calculating dosages, encouraged me to improve my technical skills, and had me assist on cases she knew would be learning opportunities. She fosters a work environment that encourages furthering your education and knowledge. Additionally, Dr. Johnson makes her employees feel like family. She regularly opens her home to the Dogwood team and hosts office get togethers.

Dr. Johnson has been my primary veterinary mentor, and I would not be in veterinary school right now without her. She has taught me that a veterinarian is not just a medical professional, but an educator, a leader, and a counselor. I would highly recommend her in any mentorship position.

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Sara Grace Carmical

I began interning at Dogwood Veterinary Hospital in the summer of 2020. Since I began my internship, I have spent over 400 hours in the clinic. Dr. Johnson has been an invaluable mentor to me. This august, I will be starting college at Mississippi State University where I will be studying Pre-Veterinary Medicine. I would not be where I am today without Dr. Johnson’s confident leadership.

From my first day, I felt welcome in the clinic. The staff at Dogwood is so kind, caring, and patient. I have observed everything from wellness exams to complex orthopedic surgeries. Everyone is always happy to answer any question I have and make sure to explain what procedure they are performing. For instance, if x-rays are taken, I will look at them too, and we will discuss them together. Interning at Dogwood has made me feel extremely well prepared to study Pre-Vet Medicine in college.

Dr. Johnson also mentored me as I applied to college. Last fall, I had an interview for the Early Entry Program for Mississippi State’s College of Veterinary Medicine, for which Dr. Johnson helped me prepare. One of her biggest pieces of advice was to list my “core values,” so I can clearly articulate what I stand for most.

Dr. Horsley is also an amazing mentor at the clinic. She is an incredible surgeon, as well as one of the kindest people I have ever met. All of the technicians and CSRs are compassionate and thoughtful, and each of them has helped me grow as a student and as a person.

Even after I leave for college, Dogwood will still be a special part of my life, and I intend to return to the clinic over the summer and holiday breaks.

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Ava Beerman