Vaccines and Wellness Exams

Vaccines and Wellness Exams
at Dogwood Veterinary Hospital & Laser Center in Newnan, GA


Because our veterinarians believe so strongly in prevention and early disease detection, we recommend twice yearly exams for all pets in the surrounding areas of Newnan, Moreland, Sharpsburg, Whitesburg, Palmetto, Amco Mills, Woodsmoke, and Raymond. In addition to these vaccines, our veterinary team recommends including regular screening blood work to identify disease processes early, before your pet even shows symptoms. We also recommend checking your pet’s stool twice yearly to identify intestinal parasites which can affect both their health and the health of your family.

What to Expect During Your Pet's Annual Wellness Exams

At your pet’s bi-annual wellness exams, our veterinarians will do a thorough physical exam, dental exam, discuss your pet’s lifestyle, answer any questions you may have about your pet’s physical well being, behavior, and nutrition. They will make recommendations for parasite prevention and specific diagnostics or treatment based on your pet’s needs.

Our veterinarians will decide with you which vaccines your pet needs based on their lifestyle. We recommend all dogs receive the DHPP vaccine to prevent distemper virus, hepatitis, parvo virus, and parainfluenza, in addition to rabies. Our veterinary hospital offers 3 year vaccination options for both of these vaccines for pets who qualify. Additionally, we carry the leptospirosis vaccine, the Bordetella vaccine, the Lyme disease vaccine, and the canine influenza (H3N2/N8) vaccine. Puppies begin their vaccine series between 6 and 8 weeks of age.

For cats, our veterinary team recommends the FVRCP to prevent feline rhino tracheitis, caliciviral, and panleukopenia, in addition to rabies. We offer 3 year options for these vaccines for pets who qualify. Additionally, we carry the feline leukemia vaccine. Kittens begin their vaccine series between 8 and 10 weeks of age.


Wellness Exams

Exotic Exams

Urgent Care Exams

Office/Sick Exam

Canine Vaccinations: 

Rabies: 1YR , DHPP 1YR , Lepto, Lyme

Bivalent Influenza (2 shot series)

Bordetella (Kennel Cough)

Feline Vaccinations: 

Leukemia, Feline Rabies 1YR Purevax, Feline FVRCCP 1YR, Feline Rabies/FVRCCP combo

Ferret Vaccinations:

Ferret Distemper 1YR   Ferret Rabies 1YR

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A Full Exam is recommended every 6 months (after all that's 3.5 human years). We also recommend routine bloodwork (internal exam), a fecal (internal parasite check), Heart Worm Test, Oral Exam, Proheart Injection (canines only), or some type of heartworm preventative & Flea and tick preventative. 
Our senior patients are always offered Blood Pressure checks & ECG's as well!