New Year’s Resolutions You Can Make for Your Pet

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New Year’s Resolutions You Can Make for Your Pet

It’s the New Year, and many people take this time to reset or restart goals for themselves.  But what about your pets?  What can you do to help your pet to be happier and healthier this year?  Below are a few ideas…


1.  Measure your pet’s food.  You may be surprised how many actual cups of food are in that Newk’s tumbler your feed your dog with.  This can help reduce overfeeding and help manage obesity. 


2.  Start a pet savings fund.  Veterinary care can be expensive, particularly in the case of unexpected illness or injury.  By saving a little each month, you can make routine care like dentistry available to your pet as well as being financially prepared in the event of an emergency.


3.  Update their tags.  Does your dog or cat always wear identification?  ID tags/name collars are the easiest way to ensure your pet’s return in the event of an escape.  Likewise, be sure your information is current in regards to your pet’s microchip registration.


4.  Start a pet medical log.  Document vet visits, medications, illnesses, etc.  This information can be helpful in the event of a new illness or emergency, particularly if you have to visit a new veterinarian.


5.  Make time to play.  This benefits both of you, both physically and mentally!  Dedicate time each day to spend one on one time with your pet.  Throw the ball, play tug or take your dog for a walk.  Pull a feather toy or use a laser pointer to encourage your cat to play.  All of these activities strengthen the bond between you and your pet, and some give you exercise as well! 


At Dogwood, we look forward to helping you keep your furry friends happy and healthy in 2018!